6-stories, 19-units

What’s happening?

A property developer hiding behind an LLC is proposing to put a gigantic building on 3832 18th St (between Church and Sanchez). (Detailed plans here).

While we support building additional housing and re-developing the existing structure, the current proposal is unconscionable and does not fit in the neighborhood:

  • It packs 19 tiny Single Room Occupancy units (about 350 sq. ft.) without kitchens, in order to maximize the developer’s profit, without any other considerations.
  • It fails to abide by the Residential Design Guidelines: incompatible scale to surrounding buildings, destroys mid-block open space, fails to maintain light to adjacent properties, etc.
  • Exceeds the maximum height by 20 feet, and the rear setback by 30 feet.
  • This radical density will impact parking and create a high resident turnover.
  • Demolition & construction will be massively disruptive to families that are sheltering in place.
  • These are likely to be used as illegal Short Term rentals (Airbnb, etc.) where guests normally eat out, and will not be adding the kind of housing SF desperately needs. They are totally unsuitable for families.

What can you do?

  • Write to Supervisor Mandelman (mandelmanstaff@sfgov.org) and voice your concerns. [See sample letter attached – coming soon].
  • Write to the SF Planner responsible for this project (Jeffrey.Horn@sfgov.org)and voice your concerns.
  • Attend the Pre-Application Meeting over Zoom and voice your concerns (July 7th, 6pm). Details here.
  • Let your neighbors know and get them involved.
  • Please reach out to us so we can keep you up-to-speed with any developments and requests for additional engagements (e.g. planning hearings). 

Your engagement will be critical to modify this project to a more reasonable scale and create meaningful additional housing in the neighborhood.

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